Playable CubbyTOWN

Playable CubbyTOWNPlayable CubbyTOWN

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DreamBIG Children’s Festival

Modern technology meets old fashioned storytelling in this interactive cubby house experience bursting with sights and sounds.

We love our CubbyTOWN and this festival Playable Streets and our resident designer Ali Jones are bringing it to life with a magnificent interactive installation direct from the imaginations of children.

Step inside this larger than life storybook, and explore and touch paintings to hear the sounds of this strange and wonderful world. Developed in collaboration with students from Adelaide schools, this work uses bespoke technology developed by Playable Streets to turn their stories into an audio adventure. Discover new sounds and stories everywhere you turn in this unique and interactive experience.

When & Where

Date/s: Wednesday 22nd May 2019  -  Saturday 1st June 2019

Times: 10am - 3pm

Venue || Location

 Artspace Gallery view
 Upper level, Dunstan Playhouse, King William Road Adelaide South Australia  || Map
Artspace GalleryUpper level, Dunstan Playhouse, King William Road, Adelaide, South Australia,
✆ Event: | Venue: (08) 8216 8850

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Playable CubbyTOWN

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