The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

The Living Kaurna Cultural CentreThe Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre is located at Warriparinga Way (Off Sturt Road), Bedford Park.

Over eons of time, the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains have gathered at Warriparinga. The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre was built here to ensure that Kaurna culture, and the Dreaming Story of the Land, is passed on from generation to generation.

Purrunna Kaurna Munaintya Wodli
"Yaintya trukkungga ngadlu, Kaurna meyunna, ngadluko perko yertaunangko warrabandi. Ngadlu kumangka towillilla manko mankorendi Munaintya purruttiappitti purtititya.

"In this centre we, Kaurna people, tell our stories from the land. We assemble together in the spirit in order to celebrate renewal of the Dreaming."

Visiting the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre

Visitors from the wider community and tourists are also very welcome to come and learn about Kaurna culture and share in the special environment of peace that exists at Warriparinga.

All visitors are invited here in a spirit of humanity, and are asked to respect Kaurna cultural protocols when they visit the Centre.

The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre offers:
-:- Group tours of the Warriparinga area, with Kaurna cultural guides
-:- Educational programs for schools
-:- Kaurna heritage display
-:- Art/exhibition space
-:- Meeting/functions space and catering facilities
-:- Kaurna arts and cultural workshops, performances and events

School groups can participate in cultural tours, dance, art experiences (bookings essential).

The main function room can host a maximum of 50 people seating and is ideal for meetings and workshops.

The main aims of the Centre are to:
-:- Assist Kaurna people to develop a sustainable future
-:- Conserve and renew Kaurna culture and heritage, as well as conserving the European heritage of the site
-:- Provide an indigenous cultural tourism experience
-:- Provide education and training for indigenous and non-indigenous people
-:- Promote conciliation between Kaurna, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities

The State Heritage listed Fairford House, coach-house, gardens and remaining vineyards on the site also provide a link with the early years of European settlement.

Contact the centre via the website below for further information on a range of tours, venue hire and special events.

"Ngadlu Kaurna meyunna, kumarta yaitya meyunna, pinde meyunna kuma, banba-banbalyarnendi yerra tampirendi. Ngadlu yaitya meyunna, pinde meyunna banba-banbalyarnendi yerra tampirendi, nguya nguya wondatitya. Nepungga ngadlu marra yunggondi. Tindogadlangga ngadlu paltitya taikurringga bilyorningga budnandi.

"We Kaurna people and other Indigenous peoples meet together here and recognise each other. We Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people meet together in order to lay aside the wrongs of the past, and recognise each other. We give our hand in friendship. We come together in peace for the palti (dance/ceremony), under the sun."

When & Where

Every: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Times: 10am - 4pm


The Living Kaurna Cultural Centre⊜ Warriparinga Way   Bedford Park | Google Map
Warriparinga Way, Bedford Park, South Australia, 5042
✆ 8357 5900

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